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Saturday, 8 May 2010

not posting, i have my reasons!!

well i'm sorry i havent posted in like yonks, and well only one person like actually reads this blog but anyway. I have got like six viruses in my laptop because of dodgy cc. So this is my warning to you:

Dont get cc unless you know its safe. I sugest you dont get simmie families off the exchange unless they they say that all of their cc is friendly. You dont know what you could get. When i get my laptop back i'll make some families with good cc and no rudey nudey stuff. If i do i'll put SAFE by the title so you know its good stuff your downloading.

my username is lilmisspop (i know its a stupid name) so check out my blog and other stuff.

the main reasons i havent been posting are:
1) school has just started again so i havent been posting
2) i was stuck abroad for and extra week
3) as sims is down for me there isnt really anything simmy going on in my life at the moment and that means nothing to post.

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