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Sunday, 16 May 2010

my smexy ipod and other randoms

i just god an ipod for my blog!! just thought i'd share that with you all. I know they're pretty na songs but whatevs just leik enjoy and stuffs. so this morning I was just surfing along the forums when i found this post where you write a bio for the avatar above you so this is what i wrote (sorry this laptop's print screen button dosent work):

Molly ( i know i've done you already but like oh well) chapter 1: Molly woke up. It was a saturday. saturdays are good for Molly because her boss Miss Marebelle beleived that people should rest on the weekend. this was bliss for Molly. She turned her head to see her husband,Derek was still asleep. It was only 6AM after all. she took her dressing from the coat hanger on the white bedroom door and rapped the soft material round her body she then tiptoed out of the room, across the landing and to her daughter asleep through the crack of the door. Molly thought her daughter was beautiful when asleep, after admiring her, she snuck down the stairs and into the kitchen. The kettle was in the corner of the worktops ready to be used. Molly filled it up with water and then turned it on. The water started to boil as she got her favorite blue mug that her mother gave her when she was a little girl. (hope you like it!!)

and this was my feedback;

Lol thx lilmisspop. Ty 4 basing it on my avi!

THATS WHAT I WAS DOING!!! it's the point of the game.
have you noticed that i title my posts one thing then like only talk, well type about it for like a sentence then i completely change the subject? oh well, whatever i guess. :)

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