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Monday, 28 June 2010


hai, i'm back! i have been really busy lately with school, moving house birthdays etc etc etc. so i haven't had time to post anything. sorry about that and i will try and post more ver the summer holidays. but hay look who's comming to MY birthday parteh!!!:::!!!:!!

oh yeah!! confirmed guest!! i'm really happy about that but also some of my good forum friends are comming,

simpixie2255 (but just call her simpixie)
JKAmaryllis who i get on with very well

although one thing that has sorta bugged me is that mmp_megg can't come which is a shame as i wanted her to come but hey, life goes on i guess

if you want to come then here's the link:

and i think thats it as far as i can remember, it's 11:05 pm so i'm a bit tired anyway biya xxx

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Heya I'll be back soon!

Hey guys I know I'm in Spain and all but like I got this blogger app, I know on one of my posts it says blodding on the move, yeah soz bout that it was ment to say blogging on the move!! Lol I'll be back home tomorow but I dont know if I'll post straight away btw soz for slang I'm on my phone xx

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Blooding on the move

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch then you are gonna be soooooooooooooo happy!!! You can get a bloging app (like I'm using right now) so I think that it it verrry cool, so I will be updating more I guess!!!!!!!! :) sorry this was only ment to be a short post but hey! Just to let you know i guess x

the simself!!

i finally decided to do what everyone else is doiung and make a simself. Now this is the seacond time i've tried to do this so i'm not sure if it really looks like me

so this is the model i got when i walked into the CAS editing studio thing.

so when i got started on the hair this was the only hair that was right,

so i had this one instead

(I love it with the glasses)

and this is the finished product,

so here's a photo of the real me for comparison:

sorry, it's a bad pic. I took it on my iphone. (bad camera)

Friday, 4 June 2010

yay!! New legacy

okay so when I last posted i said that i would make a new simmie, well.I made a simmie but I thought she was so pretty so I made a legacy for her! yay, please read it when i post it because i don't want it to be an embarasing failure like the Ashington family legacy, :) i'll post a link when I put it up

this is getting stupid..

guess what? i was going to go on the forums a few minutes ago and look what i found:

yay, maintenance. Lucky old me... how long will I be suffering?????? help meee!!!

i've been really unorganised. I'm going away on monday to friday (school spanish trip) so like i'll make a quick sim right now to upload to the exchange

if the forums haven't been fixed by the time i get back then i will be posting more on this blog just to let you know

another simmie for you to rec! lucky you!!

okay so this is the simmie, check out my page because i havent exaclty put her up yet :)...

Thursday, 3 June 2010

don't forget

3rd post today. wow i'm a loser.

anyway i thought you might like this as a little momentum:

blog renovation, makeover, changes, edit .whatever.

so i've basicly completely "refurbished" my blog. if you can't see what i've done, well here's a quick list:

1) changed the background
2) changed header thingy
3) changed my ipod nano to an ipod touch
4) changed the songs on it (that ke$ha song was getting extemely anoying and repetative, i couldn't take it any longer!!)

i don't think i've done anymore than that. So thats basicly what I just did. Ya like?


the forums,

this maintenance thing is just getting stupid now. I'm sorry but really. I don't know if this is the worst it's been before because i started going on the forums like 6 months after i got my account. For me it's been two weeks with maintenance going on and off. this has held up my modeling competiton, modeling comps i've been in and a few other randoms like the simstar modeling thing. (i'm in to all the modeling if you haven't realised) so i've been playing a lot because of that. like i seriously mean a lot. and as it's half term i've been home all week and my neices have been round a lot at my house. they absolutely LOVE the sims.

another thing is that if you've seen my signature you might know that I'm trying to do 10,000 posts. I don't think i'll ever do it as i'm only on like 350 or something i guess it's worth a shot. kinda.. not really.. whatever

also on a side note...
custom content,

I really need some more hair as i only have like 15 "styles" that are cc, so if you see some then just link it please!!


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

we need a house!

just a pic for the forums

a sim, i guess

yeah not much, i just need the pics for a comp, tiny pic dosent work for me.