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Monday, 28 June 2010


hai, i'm back! i have been really busy lately with school, moving house birthdays etc etc etc. so i haven't had time to post anything. sorry about that and i will try and post more ver the summer holidays. but hay look who's comming to MY birthday parteh!!!:::!!!:!!

oh yeah!! confirmed guest!! i'm really happy about that but also some of my good forum friends are comming,

simpixie2255 (but just call her simpixie)
JKAmaryllis who i get on with very well

although one thing that has sorta bugged me is that mmp_megg can't come which is a shame as i wanted her to come but hey, life goes on i guess

if you want to come then here's the link:

and i think thats it as far as i can remember, it's 11:05 pm so i'm a bit tired anyway biya xxx

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