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Sunday, 30 May 2010

mmmm, i'm in love, sorta

okay, so i like just stumbled upon a really fit hairstyle on garden of shadows:
now i don't normally go on garden of shadows ( i've never downloaded anything and i've only been there like twice or something) but now i'll most deffinetly go back on there alot more now. yay!! it's going ot look so fit on my sims!! yay

Saturday, 29 May 2010

i've (sort of) done it!!

okay! so yanno i was like tonnes of trouble with the sims not working? well i stupidly sorted it. prepare for rambling:!:!:

today i thought that i would never get the sims back so i decided to delete all the stuff off it so just went into my documents and deleted everything from the electronic arts file. then i stupidly found out that the reason the sims wasnt working was because i had the world adventures file on there but no worldadventures on my pc. So then i decided to play the game thinking everything would be fine. it wasn't. I have now got absolutely NO cc what so ever. so then i thought, that i should just re-install it all and have a fresh start with it all. So, off i went skipping happily to peggyzone to download the stuff i wanted on my game. everything iwas going great untill i right clicked and then this came up: it was going uber well until that (i don't know where the pic is on this post sorry!) so then i thought "no big D, i'll just google how to fix it" and thats what i did, i cliked i'm feeling lucky (as always) and it took me to mts (mod the sims, you should know that)i followed all the instructions there and nothing happened!! i'm kinda ripping my hair out about this, so if you know like a sensible solution to this problem then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment it!! i really need to know what to do. also, another wierd thing is that sim3pack thingies still work fine but i'm not subscribed or whatever to tsr so i don't have any like newsea hair and stuff! gawd this is really annoying

Sunday, 23 May 2010

new legacy founder names:

okay so when i finally get the sims 3 started on my laptop again i think i will start a new legacy. I want to start with a male founder (NOT because Aoxa did) so i've been thinking of some names, i will update this list until i choose one. if you can think of a name then comment it at the bottom even thought only like one person reads this blog just like comment! thats enough rambling from me so this is the list so far:
Andy, Andrew, Alex, Arnie, Archie, Arneth, Ash
B: Banza, Barry, Barnit, Bash, Basha, Ben, Binda
C: Cory, Cayler, Conner, Commit, Cozmo
D: Drew, Darcy, Daniel, Darren, Danelle
E: Elliot, Emu
F: Furgus, Felix, Fred, Freddy, Famm
G: George, Geoj
H: HArri, Harry, Hans, Heinz, Hanaza, Horrace, Horence
I: Indiana, Irrae
J: Jak, Jack, Jace, Jacey, Jander
K: Keeren, kieron, Kielle, Kiellen, Kierlenosse, kendal, Keillan
L: Luke, Lander, Larry, Laurnce, Laurent, Lukk, Lunderlan, Lenny, Lenni, Lennie, Lenn
M: Max, Mardo, Manuel, Marley
N: Norman
O: Olli, Ollie, Olly, Oliver, Olan, Orgal
P: Perry, Perri, Perun, Paner
R: Ron, Ronald, Ronaldo, Rennim, Renny, Renni, Remos, Remmi, Remmy, Rondi, Rino
S: Sam, Sammi, Sammy, Sorent, Soren, Salem, Sayna, Syeed, Syed
T: Thomas, Tom, Tony, Tamer, Twerlan
W: William, Will, Wiley, Wendal, Wender
X: Xander, Xanthie, Xanthi
Y: Yousi
Z: Zenith (sorry Fury, kinda took that one!!)

will be updating this from time to time for your information

Saturday, 22 May 2010

aargh!!!!!! this is actually really anoying

okay so my laptop is now fixed and i can use it again. but i thought that after i had installed sims i needed to re-install all my cc. so it took me like an hour working out were to get monkey helper and winrar, when i had installed them i found out that all of my cc was already on the laptop. so then i decided not to gety all annoyed about it and go on the sims when THIS happened: (i dont know were the picture is placed in this post) but it is really bugging me because it happens every single time i go on it! if you know how to fix this then can you tell me please? thanks


Sunday, 16 May 2010


yay!! i finally learned how to get a decent blog back ground what'cha think? if you dont like it then i'll change it for ya, so this is sort of a minie blog post because i just want to know what you think so comment please

my smexy ipod and other randoms

i just god an ipod for my blog!! just thought i'd share that with you all. I know they're pretty na songs but whatevs just leik enjoy and stuffs. so this morning I was just surfing along the forums when i found this post where you write a bio for the avatar above you so this is what i wrote (sorry this laptop's print screen button dosent work):

Molly ( i know i've done you already but like oh well) chapter 1: Molly woke up. It was a saturday. saturdays are good for Molly because her boss Miss Marebelle beleived that people should rest on the weekend. this was bliss for Molly. She turned her head to see her husband,Derek was still asleep. It was only 6AM after all. she took her dressing from the coat hanger on the white bedroom door and rapped the soft material round her body she then tiptoed out of the room, across the landing and to her daughter asleep through the crack of the door. Molly thought her daughter was beautiful when asleep, after admiring her, she snuck down the stairs and into the kitchen. The kettle was in the corner of the worktops ready to be used. Molly filled it up with water and then turned it on. The water started to boil as she got her favorite blue mug that her mother gave her when she was a little girl. (hope you like it!!)

and this was my feedback;

Lol thx lilmisspop. Ty 4 basing it on my avi!

THATS WHAT I WAS DOING!!! it's the point of the game.
have you noticed that i title my posts one thing then like only talk, well type about it for like a sentence then i completely change the subject? oh well, whatever i guess. :)

Saturday, 15 May 2010


guess what!! i have a whole 2 followers one of which is me!!! so i'm pretty bummed about that but thanks if you are following me (you're welcome, me) so i have like just deleted the whole legacy and well, all the vids and stories i have made. The reason simple, Every single time I "try" to upload something it say "you have reached your status quota" i dont even know what that blooming well means!!! so yeah of the four gazzillion sim gurus out there, can like one of you tell someone?? no, i figured. does this happen to you?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

ranting and raving about things

O.V.E.R it's is officially over! cycle one of strry eyed modeling comp is over!!! but cycle 2 will be up shortly. tw winner was MsMcneely!! she will get her siggie when it has been made!! so yeah i'm chuffed with that and this is the logo of cycle 2:

cool huh? yeah not really. but anyway look out for that i'll put the sign up in the sims and modeling section of the forums later on today. i'll basicly be looking for what i was last time exept i'll exept 10 models instead of 7. :) so thats all i need to say about the modeling competiton so i think that i'll move on in like just i minute or a second....................................................................
so my goal it to get 10,000 reccomendations and i gues thats going to take a while concidering i only have like 60 or something. but please check out my page on the sims 3 and rec some of my stuff (or all of it i dont mind) :)

Saturday, 8 May 2010

new siggie!

i think its the right size, but i'll test it out in a minute. its only temporary untill i get the proper one done, i dont really know how to use GIMP and i dont have photoshop so i dont really know. it took 5 seconds to do so yeah

starry eyed modeling compettiton cycle 2!

well i havent put it up yet but we are in the final of cycle one now and that means that in a few days we will have a winner and i will put up cycle 2 so i will need 10 female models. So yeah if your interested comment and watch this space i guess


not posting, i have my reasons!!

well i'm sorry i havent posted in like yonks, and well only one person like actually reads this blog but anyway. I have got like six viruses in my laptop because of dodgy cc. So this is my warning to you:

Dont get cc unless you know its safe. I sugest you dont get simmie families off the exchange unless they they say that all of their cc is friendly. You dont know what you could get. When i get my laptop back i'll make some families with good cc and no rudey nudey stuff. If i do i'll put SAFE by the title so you know its good stuff your downloading.

my username is lilmisspop (i know its a stupid name) so check out my blog and other stuff.

the main reasons i havent been posting are:
1) school has just started again so i havent been posting
2) i was stuck abroad for and extra week
3) as sims is down for me there isnt really anything simmy going on in my life at the moment and that means nothing to post.