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Sunday, 23 May 2010

new legacy founder names:

okay so when i finally get the sims 3 started on my laptop again i think i will start a new legacy. I want to start with a male founder (NOT because Aoxa did) so i've been thinking of some names, i will update this list until i choose one. if you can think of a name then comment it at the bottom even thought only like one person reads this blog just like comment! thats enough rambling from me so this is the list so far:
Andy, Andrew, Alex, Arnie, Archie, Arneth, Ash
B: Banza, Barry, Barnit, Bash, Basha, Ben, Binda
C: Cory, Cayler, Conner, Commit, Cozmo
D: Drew, Darcy, Daniel, Darren, Danelle
E: Elliot, Emu
F: Furgus, Felix, Fred, Freddy, Famm
G: George, Geoj
H: HArri, Harry, Hans, Heinz, Hanaza, Horrace, Horence
I: Indiana, Irrae
J: Jak, Jack, Jace, Jacey, Jander
K: Keeren, kieron, Kielle, Kiellen, Kierlenosse, kendal, Keillan
L: Luke, Lander, Larry, Laurnce, Laurent, Lukk, Lunderlan, Lenny, Lenni, Lennie, Lenn
M: Max, Mardo, Manuel, Marley
N: Norman
O: Olli, Ollie, Olly, Oliver, Olan, Orgal
P: Perry, Perri, Perun, Paner
R: Ron, Ronald, Ronaldo, Rennim, Renny, Renni, Remos, Remmi, Remmy, Rondi, Rino
S: Sam, Sammi, Sammy, Sorent, Soren, Salem, Sayna, Syeed, Syed
T: Thomas, Tom, Tony, Tamer, Twerlan
W: William, Will, Wiley, Wendal, Wender
X: Xander, Xanthie, Xanthi
Y: Yousi
Z: Zenith (sorry Fury, kinda took that one!!)

will be updating this from time to time for your information

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