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Saturday, 29 May 2010

i've (sort of) done it!!

okay! so yanno i was like tonnes of trouble with the sims not working? well i stupidly sorted it. prepare for rambling:!:!:

today i thought that i would never get the sims back so i decided to delete all the stuff off it so just went into my documents and deleted everything from the electronic arts file. then i stupidly found out that the reason the sims wasnt working was because i had the world adventures file on there but no worldadventures on my pc. So then i decided to play the game thinking everything would be fine. it wasn't. I have now got absolutely NO cc what so ever. so then i thought, that i should just re-install it all and have a fresh start with it all. So, off i went skipping happily to peggyzone to download the stuff i wanted on my game. everything iwas going great untill i right clicked and then this came up: it was going uber well until that (i don't know where the pic is on this post sorry!) so then i thought "no big D, i'll just google how to fix it" and thats what i did, i cliked i'm feeling lucky (as always) and it took me to mts (mod the sims, you should know that)i followed all the instructions there and nothing happened!! i'm kinda ripping my hair out about this, so if you know like a sensible solution to this problem then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment it!! i really need to know what to do. also, another wierd thing is that sim3pack thingies still work fine but i'm not subscribed or whatever to tsr so i don't have any like newsea hair and stuff! gawd this is really annoying


  1. I recommend a full uninstall and reinstall.
    You might have deleted something important.

  2. i did an uninstall then reinstall, thats how i got the problem, i turned user controlls off or something

  3. Just do it again. I had to re-install vista on my computer three or four times to have it work properly.