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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

a proper blog post (i promise!!)

i know that lately i've been posting a bunch of random things about signatures and god knows what else!! sorry about that, i need the pics for the forums. I never really went on the forums untill now, i think that the people who are getting banned for no reasons, well.. i feel really sorry for them!! but i just stay on the "creative corner" bit i dunno why! the general disscusion is cool but i dont go there that much as i'm only on like what only 124 posts i think its something like that where as others have like 6840. WOW.

check out my modeling competiton "starry eyed" as we dont have enough participants yet to make a proper competition, we need ten and only have 2 (lol i know) so if you think you want to join then i'll put the link at the bottom of the page.

I know Kelle's leaving and i totally understand why. People shouldnt be treated that way, its unfair! Thats one of the reasons i keep of the general disscusion page. I'mma call it the banning heatwave so if i say that, then you know what i mean. I'd also like to tell you that i really dislike simguruhyrda. I'm yet to discover why but i just dont like her.

here's the link to the modeling competiton:

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