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Monday, 12 July 2010

what? who on earth are you?

hey, so today i was looking at my cbox thingy ma boby and it came to my attention (lol) that i found these random people posting:
and i was just like, who the freaking hell are you? so i told them to go away. if your are one of them, then don't bother. NOBODY CARES i clicked on one and it was just like find the inner meaning of god or something and i don't even go to church! (sorry, church goes.) what is the point? if they are trying to advertise. they can do it somewhere else!

in other news:
i've realised that because i've been going on the forums a lot at the moment i haven't really had time to actually play the game properly so today i decided to make a sim (which i've done) then get with the grimmy. (if that makes sence) so yeah, we are now boyfriend and girlfriend (not literaly, but you know what i mean.) and that like as far as we've gotten. We woohoo-ed once or twice but not like for a baby or anything like that so don't get your mind all frazzled or anything. i'll post pictures when i can be bothered to take any.

apart from that. well life goes on i guess.

from Lucy xox
ps, sorry if i made any spelling mistakes!


  1. Hey I think the c-box-stalkers might be something similar to this-

    The post with the cbox picture in it.