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Sunday, 11 July 2010

paint me a picture...

okay, so basicly i just found out my score for a modeling competition i came 6th! (out of 6th) i know i went really wrong with it and i just finished my second assignment the task was to take a picture with a solid colour background. so i decided to use the colour lime green. this is my assignment:

i'm not sure if i should use it or scrap it. so please can you help me!! if you think i should scrap it then can you comment. same with if you think i should keep it. i won't be offended. I know if you've seen me on the forums before you will know that i don't have photoshop. I'll hopefully be getting it for christmas!! yay!! but until then i'm stuck with this. oh well.

by the way, sorry for spelling mistakes!!
from Lucy xxx


  1. I like it. You used colors that are on the opposite of the color wheel, which is an awesome thing to do. So you win in design. :]

  2. thanks! i did end up using it as i couldn't really be bothered to do another. it's the summer. what can i say?